Moxibustion has had, just as acupuncture, a tradition that dates back thousands of years. In Chinese Medicine, moxa will be mostly used and applied in vacuity diseases, in diseases of a chronic nature.

With moxibustion, acupuncture points will be warmed and tonified by burning dried leaves of comfrey (artemisia vulgaris). Artemisia vulgaris is a medicinal herb, indigenous to both Asia and Europe. The leaves of the plant are dried, cleansed and will be made into cotton-like powder.


There are different types of moxa application

  • Direct moxa
  • Indirect moxa
  • Moxa with moxa cigars
  • Infrared moxibustion

The main indications for moxa are diseases of a chronic nature, as i.e. chronic bronchitis, chronic bronchial asthma, chronic diarrhoea, rheumatic diseases, depression, taxation fatigue due to prolonged illness as well as a feeling of being burnt out.